I’m on one of the cross trainers, moving to the beat of something by, I think, a German DJ, when I notice him. Now standing next to me, he stares at his iPod for a couple of minutes. I’m surprised. I didn’t think he comes here on a Tuesday. I continue working out at level 8, 75 rpm, wondering whether I should say something. ‘Hi!’ maybe. Or ‘Hey!’ And he wanders off. A few minutes later, I head over to where he is and do some lunges, then some squats. As we pass, we raise eyebrows in greeting. It really feels like there’s a sort of connection between us. Then he’s heading over to the stretching area. But I don’t want it to seem like I’m following him, so I head to the changing room. I get undressed. Head into the spa. It should be easier to talk to him in there. Sitting by the hydrotherapy pool, I wait. And I wait. There’s no sign of him. I try to fight this feeling of getting depressed. I close my eyes. It feels like ages before I decide to leave. I shower, get dressed. Then in the corridor, I see him. He’s heading towards me. And without even thinking about it, I turn round, get back into my swimming trunks. I know this is ridiculous. But I’m unable to stop. I know I should just let him go. But I can’t.

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