14. Amsterdam


At this point in the story, I think John goes on a business trip to Amsterdam. And on the flight coming back, he’s one of only two people in the Club Europe cabin, so he has the choice of quite a few seats. And he feels pretty good as sits there, reading ‘High Life’, the inflight magazine, before take-off. A few minutes later, the steward draws the curtain to separate them from the rest of the cabin, then comes over to John and asks if he would like a drink from the bar, as well as afternoon tea. John chooses champagne. And as he opens the first of the two miniature Pommery bottles that he drinks on this short flight, he suddenly feels quite alone amongst all the empty seats. And he’s really taken aback by this. He’d always assumed that to have sixteen seats between just two people would be a hugely enjoyable experience. But this time, it just isn’t.

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