10. Barcelona

For this writing trip, I used my Airmiles to pay for my flight. Actually, they’re now called Avios. Anyway, having converted my Tesco clubcard points into them, I discovered that I had more than I thought. So I decided to treat myself and use them to fly business class.

I was so excited to be able to use the business lounges at Heathrow’s terminal three. And because British Airways is part of the ‘Oneworld’ alliance, it meant that I could use three different ones. So I made sure I got there in plenty of time before my flight. Though maybe five hours was a bit excessive.

I guess I did feel a bit disappointed by the first one, the American Airlines ‘Admirals Lounge’, even though the leek and potato soup was really tasty. I mean I’d read online that this space had been recently refurbished, so maybe I was expecting a lot, but I thought it felt more like a staff canteen. Still, I managed to grab a free New York Times and Wall Street Journal and about an hour later, I headed over to the Cathay Pacific lounge, over in zone C.


I really liked this lounge, even though there was a TV with the volume turned up quite loud. There was a great selection of reading material – I picked up a copy of Time Out Hong Kong magazine to read on the ‘plane – and a fantastic range of food and drink. At the made-to-order noodle bar, I ordered both the dan dan and the wonton noodles. I felt a bit ‘over-full’ afterwards. But I really enjoyed my stay here, hanging out, drinking gin and tonics and thinking about stuff. And about two hours later, I headed over to the British Airways lounge.


It was quite busy in this one, the ‘Galleries Club lounge’, when I arrived. Though it did empty out over time. The space was divided into various sections. I sat in the ‘Work and Entertainment Zone’ for a while before moving nearer to the bar. I really liked the design of the whole lounge. There were bits of interesting artwork dotted around and I loved the seats, which I found out were covered in ‘Osborne and Little exclusively designed fabric’. Sitting there, sipping another gin and tonic and reading an interview with Britney Spears, I started to wonder how my 20-year-old self would feel, seeing me there in this space. Probably quite proud. Anyway, I didn’t want to leave. And when my flight was finally called at just after seven, I really wasn’t sure how much I wanted to see Barcelona now. 


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