‘John glances over to the breakfast buffet and the man spooning fruit salad into his bowl. It was yesterday, in the hotel gym, when he first noticed him, as they ran in silence, staring at a muted television.’

IMG_0237So this is Das Triest. I discovered it in Hip Hotels, the ‘City’ edition. I’ve also got ‘Beach’, ‘Budget’ and ‘Escape’. Anyway, I thought Vienna was beautiful. I went to the Freud museum and discovered that his passions included travelling. I still feel guilty about going away, like its some sort of frivolity. My mother used to say to me when I was young, ‘Why travel when you can stay at home?’ and I think her voice has got lodged in my mind a bit.

Anyway, getting back to John, I think what happens in Vienna is that, inspired by his experience of the hotel and its gym, John joins Virgin Active when he gets back to London. And he loves it. Sometimes, he’ll be on the crosstrainer and close his eyes. And with the techno music playing loud in his ears, he’ll be in another world. Then he’ll open them, and seeing all the men and women around him on the machines, he feels incredibly connected to them, as if they’re all doing this strange sort of dance together.


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