The billowing white floor-to-ceiling net curtains in this hotel bar create a sense of otherworldliness. Here, everyone looks wealthy, youthful. John picks up the cocktail menu and goes back and forth between pages. “It’s a difficult choice,” the woman next to him announces, leaning towards him. John looks up, startled that someone should actually talk to him here. “I come here a lot”, she tells him, “It’s a fantastic place to people watch.” A few minutes later, and John is taking a sip of the Citron Martini just as a man, a few seats along the counter, knocks a drink over his smartly dressed companion. He watches them laugh wildly over the accident. John is amazed at how at ease everyone appears to be here is. ‘This bar is fantastic’, he decides. And about to take one more sip of the Martini, he discovers the glass to be nearly empty. ‘It disappeared way too quickly’, he tells himself, then signals to the barman that he’d like another.

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