Whilst travelling around Europe, in order to find inspiration for this blog, I spent an enormous amount of time worrying about whether I should be writing be in the first or third person. I mean in the past, I’ve always written in the first person, a voice that’s a version of ‘me’. But I’ve found myself getting quite bored of that recently and really wanted to try something new. So that’s when I started to write in the third person. And it felt incredibly liberating to create ‘John’. That through him, I would be able to talk about stuff I’m normally too frightened to talk about as ‘myself’. Stuff like death and depression.

So I wrote for a quite awhile and all was ok. Then a few months later, I thought I’d read through all this new writing that I’d been doing. I felt really disappointed with it. It just felt like the same old stuff that I’d always written about. But instead of things like ‘I really like Heathrow’s terminal 5, it’s probably my favourite building’, there was now ‘If John had to come up with his favourite building, it would probably be Heathrow’s terminal 5’. I didn’t really know what to do. I mean I thought about changing it all back into the first person again. But I don’t know.

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