Waiting to board his flight, John takes out the piece of paper and sees 8F printed on it. Indicating a seat near the front and next to the window, he feels reassured that he’s got what he needs, and not an aisle or, even worse, a middle seat. He looks up, sees an Boeing 747 taxi past the window. The machine looks alive, like a whale moving through the ocean.


I think I see John as being be a member of ‘Executive Club’, the British Airways’ frequent flyer programme. And it’s probably his dream to reach Silver status. This would allow him access to any one of their Galleries lounges around the world. He’d read that the ones in Heathrow’s terminal five had cost £60 million to build, and he’d love to go in there and sip endless glasses of champagne. Currently, his ‘Bronze’ status doesn’t seem to entitle him to very much at all.

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